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The services offered by the Company, broadly fall under four major categories :


At the core of Trinity’s business, are skilled Lighting Consultants. Their main function is to show things up in the best light possible ...both literally and metaphorically! In addition to employing state-of-the-art technology, they have developed special software that is specifically utilized for gauging lighting.

As far as strategic positioning is concerned, they know precisely what will go best where. And will give you sound guidance not only on the kind and number of fixtures to be used, but also their precise placement. All going towards enhancing the creation of the architect and interior designer. For we live in an age, where Display is everything!

The Design Cell is located in Ahmedabad. The Company spares no expense in hiring the best talent available in the Industry. A must, if one is to always stay a step ahead of the competition... So what you get from Trinity, is a technically superior and innovative product, that is also very user-friendly. One that is both aesthetic and functional. And will continue to perform at high efficiency, for a long time to come...

But that is the pre-fabricated range. If you are one of those folks who must get exactly what you have in mind ...or what you need, the Company is equally adept at developing customized products to suit your precise requirement !

This department is housed in two Units – one each in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. They are manned by highly qualified Workshop Supervisors, who are masters in their respective fields. The Units also employ the best technicians as well as equipment. In other words, a winning combination of both Man and Machine! And to match their high standard of detailed workmanship, is the best quality raw material that goes into the making of its products. One, where the price is always of secondary consideration. And while we’re on the topic of material, the finished goods too come in a wide, baffling range : be it cloth, metal, wood, fibre, acrylic, paper, polycarbonate...

The above three would come to naught, if they were not equalled in performance by this fourth and final stage. For the outfit, installation does not mean mere assembly of the Product. If you wish, their skilled personnel can set up the lighting fixtures on-site, in the best possible manner. Thereby creating the correct ambience, to infuse the right mood and feel.

And that, is what Trinity is all about.........

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